Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How fun it is to see Baby #3

I just had my 21 week ultrasound today.  It's always fun to see the baby.  We did not find out what the baby's  sex is so it will be a fun surprise in the delivery room.  We are grateful to learn however that all appears to be healthy and normal. 
This cute little thing looks to be a thumb sucker.

No cleft palate!

A cute little arm

A cute little leg and foot

The bottom of the foot and leg.  So cute.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Eli's Surgery

A couple of weeks ago, Eli had hernia surgery.  He was such a good little boy.  We got to the hospital early in the morning.  He thought it was so cool that he got a braclet from the lady and a coloring book and  crayons.  Little did he know what was comming.....

He did get a cool ride in the red wagon

He got some cool red socks...

And an awesome blue teddy bear. 

Just chillin' witing for the doctor to show up

Pretty tired after the surgery.  He slept for about two hours...

As soon as that anesthia wore of, he was pretty much wide a wake and ready to go home.

He was in quite a bit of pain for a couple of days.  It's pretty sad taking a two year old for a surgery like that.  He kept telling me " The doctor hurt my bum"  He didn't understand that it needed to be done.  How do you explain it to a little guy like him?  Anyhow, Things are pretty much all healed and feeling much better.

2009 trip to the Red Barn & Pumpkin Patch

We took our Anual trip to the Red Barn and Pumpkin Patch with the Baker side. 

Hanging out with Bruce and Natasha waiting for our yummy Apple Cider donuts

On the ride to the patch

The whole gang.  Grandma, Grandpa, Melanie,Our family, Jerame's kids and Nate and Ashlee's family.

Daddy Daughter Date... Go Cougars!

I gave Adam season tickets to the BYU football games for his birthday/fathers day this year.  He has really enjoyed them. 

Adam having fun at the game. 

Mandalyn got to go to a game with her dad.  Her first daddy daughter date.  She had a great time and really enjoyed hanging out with her dad. 

Mandalyn... what a funny girl.

Ok so I lost my camera and just found it so I thought I'd post a few random picks. Mandalyn, what a funny girl. Why did she go to bed with her head in a bowl? All I can say is I HAVE NO IDEA... She went through a little period of time where she thought she was going to throw up in the night so she wanted a bowl.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Loved These

Monday, October 5, 2009

2009 Fmily Photos

We finally got our pictures taken.  I'm so bad at doing this but thought that we should probably get some pictures of our cute little family before the baby comes.  Thanks Tara, you did a great job.